Mauer der Farbe

Interactive Installation

 Imagining means depicting and creating in your mind something that has not yet been seen with your eyes and that which does not yet exist. The tendency to be uniform, which characterizes the people of our time, must change, must break, we must discuss. It is clear that our reality depends on individual’s ability to imagine. Imagine new visions for new perspectives, because without imagination there is no salvation.

A monochrome wall, with slight marks that become evocative signs that attract your attention, making you look closer. But in certain cases this is not enough and you have to wear the “glasses of imagination”. This is the metaphor that artist “Mauer der Farbe” uses in her installation. A flat wall of colour, creating a boring, repetitive reality that is not all what it seems, because only wearing the glasses can one take a glimpse at the unexpected, an animated and non-conforming world.

Elve Festival, Trento 2014

We did:

  • Concept
  • Content Research
  • Set Up
  • Graphic