Minimolla Design is a team of young and energetic designers who, like a small spring “minimolla” are ready, agile and elastic. We begin every project with great energy that we release smoothly and with confidence from start to finish. We are simple but intelligent in our form and essence.

We are a small green company who cares. While paying attention to changes in consumption and lifestyles we deliver work that holds a high level of creativity and production excellence. We are always aware of environmental sustainability and respectful of production ethics. Our team is a synergy of people from different backgrounds and education with experience in the same sector.  

With our combined skills in visual communications, architecture, graphics and education, we can get any job done.


We are a creative company who focuses on sustainable design. We create eco-friendly solutions for public and private spaces, exhibition stands, interactive and multimedia services. We produce creativity and visual communication. We promote events and campaigns and try to raise awareness through means of educational projects in the field of environmental education.

Our design is ecological from A to Z. We think appealing, essential and without waste.